PAMM Investor program.

Financial Markets are constantly changing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to monitor them on your own and have a steady performance. That’s why you have to rely on professionals.

In pure. we select only the best Traders with a verified track record and profitable trading history.

In order to manage and reduce the risk in pure. we define your risk profile, time horizon and target performance to be able to diversify your investment and to give you only strategies in line with your risk appetite.

If you understand the risks involved, you don’t need to have any previous experience in trading. We take care of our clients and their investments. You only need to invest and start monitoring your portfolio from your pure. App.



Fill in the Questionnaire in order to match your risk profile with the most suitable investment strategy.



Deposit funds from your Pure Account into your investment account. The dedicated investment funds will be invested in a strategy selected by you.


Select the Strategy

As a client, you can choose between several portfolios corresponding to your risk profile. These portfolios benefit from the strategy of the manager and the pure. Trading risk management.

How does our PAMM Account work?

Once you choose a strategy, your money is deposited into an account that contains the pooled funds for that strategy. This pooled account is then managed by the strategy manager and the potential profit made is distributed on a percentage basis, depending on the amount of money deposited, to all clients who previously added money to the account.

The commission you pay consists of a percentage of the capital allocated to the strategy plus a percentage of the profit made each month. The manager receives a portion of the profit only if his strategy is successful and profitable.


“How does High Water Mark work?”

A High Water Mark is the highest peak in value that an investment fund or account has reached. This term is used in the context of fund manager compensation, which is performance-based. The High Water Mark system ensures that the manager does not get paid large sums for poor performance.

If the manager loses money over a period, he must manage to increase the value of the portfolio above the high-water mark before receiving a remuneration.


Monitor your Portfolio

From here and on simply monitor the performance of your strategy.

At pure. we select only the best Traders, with a verified track record and profitable trading history.

If you understand the risks, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of trading. You just need to invest and you can monitor your portfolio from your pure. App monitor



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